True Skate APK

Download True Skate APK – Best 3-D Skateboarding Experience

True Skate APK is one of the top-rated 3-D skateboarding games in the Android Marketplace. This game gives optimal user experience of a virtual reality skateboarding event....
Mobile Phone

Androids or iPhones: Who is the Victor?

In this century, especially since the 2010s began, there has dawned a dilemma which every single person who has access to smartphones has discussed or talked about...
IPhone 8 release date


Next year will mark the anniversary of the iPhone. It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs has worked and changed the way for using mobiles. You...
siri for android

Siri for Android: What are the Top Alternative Siri Apps for Android?

“Siri, can you please *names a random wish beyond the smartphone’s ability*?” As Android users, you might have become habitual to referring to Siri either because you...
Android Apps

10 Best Apps for every Smartphone

The play store has expanded into a vast void of apps and also games like Gunship Battle Mod APK with every category having hundreds of them being advocated...

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