IPhone 8 release date


Next year will mark the anniversary of the iPhone. It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs has worked and changed the way for using mobiles. You...
Android Apps

10 Best Apps for every Smartphone

The play store has expanded into a vast void of apps and also games like Gunship Battle Mod APK with every category having hundreds of them being advocated...
siri for android

Siri for Android: What are the Top Alternative Siri Apps for Android?

“Siri, can you please *names a random wish beyond the smartphone’s ability*?” As Android users, you might have become habitual to referring to Siri either because you...

Impact of Placeamark in Social Media

Teenagers using Placemark and Social Media New advancements dependably incite generational frenzy, which ordinarily has more to do with grown-up fears than with the lives of young people....
Snapchat spy apps

3 Best Snapchat Spy Apps- How to Track SnapChat on iPhone

Teens are bubbly, you can’t manage to effectively control them by simple words of advice or lengthy lectures! In fact, most even don’t want to listen to...

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