How to Make Maintenance Management Simpler
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In order to keep up with increase in assets, work and machinery, which can be time consuming and need regular intervention that is hard to look after.

Therefore, to make cost lower and ensure machinery is efficient and staff are motivated to work with them you will need you integrated advance emerging technologies. It is important to manage thousands of company assets with workers regularly and ensure they are producing optimal level you must invest in things that can make maintenance management simpler.

Best way to make thing simpler is by using computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and integrating it with every level of management.

There are way in which cloud CMMS can make it simpler for maintenance management:

Live Location tracking and transfer item

Companies have to cop up with hundreds to thousands of assets and workers on daily basis. So it is important that When setting up CMMS you provide each small detail into system. Also updating the information of change in stock, new assets etc. which will reflect true information when need.

However, with usage of digital scanning gears which update automatically the transaction at real time and show exact information when fetched on the go to locate the spare part or stock of assets.

It will save of cost and time, making it simple for the maintenance management teams to find things when need. Otherwise not able to locate relevant parts or stock can lead to order unnecessary new items wasting resources. Mobile CMMS is now important then never before as business complexity and competition is becoming stiff.

With CMMS, maintenance staff knows where to find anything, making it easier to do their job, ultimately resulting in efficiency and effectiveness from the view of job and company resources. Cutting downtime and cost reduction by this, which will lead to staff doing more work and focusing on real job then worrying about it anymore.

Forming an Advanced Scheduling Plan

Keeping track of when and what need to be maintained though books or simple excel file is hard and need extra efforts of maintenance team, but with CMMS system you can easily setup scheduling plan to alert when and what things need to be replaced and upgraded to prevent damages.

There are two ways of executing it, stock alerts and task scheduling. Well they may sound similar but they have their own set of importance.

Stock alert is way in which system will warn you at time when new replacement is required or when stock is going to expire. It give opportunity to company to bring new stock with last demand prior to last inventory and staying ahead of competitor at supplying best to customers.

Whereas task scheduling is used in reliability centered maintenance where CMMS system is reliable at telling what equipment needs repairing and scheduled check-up to prevent bigger issue. Today more than half of manufacturing units deploy this technology to cut down the downtime of machinery as it lead higher efficiency and cost reduction in longer run. With it recording of last repair and upgrades and telling maintenance staff what, need to be done at the time of schedule task.

Record Keeping & Reporting

It is necessary as per legal guidelines to maintain fit to work equipment and ensure safety standards at work place by company. With good CMMS implementation of guidelines, become simpler as all the task are automated such as reporting and record keeping of item codes, testing data and compliance information available at real time. Having a CMMS system integrated into the maintenance management make it simpler to implement by employee.


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