As we all know that PayPal account is not officially available in Pakistan but we can use PayPal service in Pakistan with the help of Payoneer Global Payment Services. Follow the Following Steps in order to make Verified PayPal Account with Withdrawal Facility in Pakistan.

Step 1:
First, you need to register an account for Payoneer card, if you do not have Payoneer account then register from here.

Step 2:
If you already have Payoneer account, then simply log in to Payoneer account and Contact to Support via Live Chat and ask them to Send you GBP Payment Service, once you get those details then Proceed to 3rd Step.

Step 3:
Now, your Payoneer account setup is completed, let’s make PayPal account (use PayPal account with UK VPN-Most Important).

  • Step 3(a): Register PayPal account with United Kingdom Nationality.
  • Step 3(b): First and Last name Should be Matched with your Payoneer First and                            Last name and DOB should also be same for Both PayPal and Payoneer                          Accounts.
  • Step 3(C): For UK address Purposes Use this site.
  • Step 4(d): For Phone Number, You can Use Textme UP Android Application,                                  download from Google Play Store.

Step 4:

After Completion of Step 3, now you have to add Bank Account into your PayPal account. Paypal will ask you Sort Code and Account Number in order to add your Bank account, you will get Sort Code and Account number from Payoneer GBP Payment Services that you will find under Global Payment Service Section, which will look like below screenshot, after putting Sort Code and Account Number then Click Add Bank, now Paypal will send you some Euro with 4 Digit Codes, but Payoneer system takes time to generate the transaction so you have to wait up to 48 business hours in order to see that transaction into your account.

Step 5(Most Important):

Once you see PayPal deposit into your Payoneer account then, Contact to Payoneer Support via Live Chat in order to get these 4 Digit Codes, they will give you 4 Digit Codes in a LIVE chat then you can put those 4 Digit Codes into the PayPal Bank Account section in order to verify your Bank Account, once you verify your Bank Account then you will be able to withdrawal funds as well.

Step 6:

This step is not necessary but it would Secure your PayPal account for a Long time, in order to add CARD to your PayPal account then I would suggest you to Linked only Payoneer GBP Card, for ordering Payoneer GBP MasterCard your GBP balance must be 50 GBP or More otherwise Payoneer won’t send you this card and this option won’t available to you as well.

Note: Do not Submit Direct debit Instruction, without this you will be able to withdraw funds as well easily as I did two times myself.

If you have any questions then feel free to comment below 🙂

Video Guide


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