How videos can help grow your business?
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We cannot undermine the strength of digital marketing in this technological era. Internet has been used for several years as one of most useful marketing mediums. Nowadays, visuals have been incepted in the field of marketing. It is true that ‘picture is worth a thousand words’.

Videos are been used to market products and services now. It is unquestionably the most engaging type of content. There are services like video production Calgary that can be utilized in content creation. However, there are still some business that are not convinced of the benefits of video marketing. Here is how it can help grow your business:

Reach more mobile customers

Reach more mobile customers
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Over half of the users access Internet through mobile phones. This is a very important fact since traditional types of content are quickly getting out of the picture. People don’t have enough time to read lengthy blogs.

The best way to resolve this issue is use a video. It can be an effective way to convey a lot of information in a short span of time.

Show product in action

As mentioned above, texts are not as much effective as it used to be previously. Videos are amazing alternatives that can show the pros and cons of a product or even a service business has to offer. A video can provide insights into what product can actually do and how it must be used. This not only results into more conversions but also saves you from a number of unnecessary customer service questions.

Online advertisement

Online advertisement
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There are a number of businesses that have been investing millions in online advertising. Studies suggest that placing a video on your landing page can increase the conversions by 80%. The primary reason behind this is that video content is engaging and compels people to watch. However, you must make sure that video doesn’t play automatically. There must be some sort of manual control.

Better interaction

The key behind any business’ success is how they engage with their customers. There is no use of having a huge contact list but not interacting with them. Videos is an amazing way to increase engagement and be more interactive with your customers.

There are many ways in which you can make your videos more interactive. One popular example is organizing a live Q/A session. The reason why videos are so useful is that it makes the customers feel that they are part of something. This results into better customer loyalty.

Teasers can build curiosity

Businesses can build anticipation by releasing small teasers. It can create curiosity about your latest product or service amongst potential customers. It can keep the people talking and prevent the company from going out of the trend.

Bottom line

Business owners usually have a misconception that videos are waste of money. It surely is an expensive medium to market the products and services but it has a number of benefits in the long run. Best companies use videos as their inherent form of content.


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