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It is a matter of preference, which laptop brand is the best from every aspect. There are certain brands that have taken the personal computer market by storm since the past couple of decades and are still going at it quite strongly. Many of these laptop brands, like HP and Dell, have gained a sort of customer loyalty by many people since their machines have never failed to impress. From budget laptops to heavier, gaming laptops, these two brands have aced them all.

Newer brands that have also gained a sort of following in the past couple of years include Lenovo and Asus. These two brands have also released all kinds of laptops, such as those with touch screens, convertibles, heavy gaming laptops.

Discussing key features of these laptops is quite futile. This is because almost all of these laptop brands will provide with a large range of features. These features include RAM, ranging from 2 GB to 64 GB, the Internal memory that goes from 32 GB to 2 TB or resolution ranging from 1366×768 pixels to 1920×1080 pixels.

The best way to compare which laptops are the best in the market, we need to see what brands have released laptops that cater to a wider audience for their specific purposes, be it business use, travel-friendly laptops or gaming laptops.

HP Laptops

HP is a manufacturer which is constantly releasing newer models and getting rid of older ones at quite the formidable rate. HP laptops have some of the greatest customer loyalty, due to them being in the market for a very long period of time and assessing the computing needs of all kinds of people.

HP has introduced laptops that cater to the following purposes:

  • Home Laptops

The home-use laptops HP has manufactured come as common home use or luxurious home use. The common use laptops include the TouchSmart series, which has moderate features and the luxurious laptops include the HP Envy series. These laptops come with excellent features and are great for moderate gaming or documentation purposes.

  • Business Laptops

There are many great laptops that HP has released for business purposes, which includes the HP Essentials series. This series is best used for small or new businesses. Medium or corporate business can be handled using the HP Probook or Elitebook.

  • Lightweight Laptops

The lightweight HP laptops with minimum features for light documentation or travel purposes include the HP Pavilion Series. These laptops come with a Touchscreen and are portable and stylish.

Dell Laptops

Dell is another laptop brand that has been much hyped over the past couple of decades, first for their desktop computers and not for their laptops as well. Dell has released laptop series for the following purposes:

  • Home Use

These include the Inspiron series. Their specifications are excellent, especially based on the fact that they are most budget laptops. They are ideal for use by students as well

  • Gaming

The Dell Alienware series is supposed to have some of the best budget gaming laptops. These range from $500 to $700, unlike most gaming laptops which easily go above $1000.

  • Business

Business-use Notebooks by Dell include the Latitude, Precision and Vostro series. These are all very high-performance laptops, with a sleek and stylish design that are excellent for small and corporate businesses.

  • Lightweight Laptops

Dell has introduced lightweight laptops in the XPS and Inspiron series. These come with minimum specifications like 2 GB RAM and a 14-inch screen.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo is one of the best laptop brands in the world these days. Their laptops offer all the features that are flaunted by any other, better-known brand. Lenovo has also released series that have laptops which can be bought by those on a budget, or by those who have a higher investment to make.

The series Lenovo has released include the ThinkPads, the IdeaPads and the Essentials. Each of these series caters to a number of different purposes, ranging from mainstream consumer use to high-end business use. The specific purposes include the following:

  • Home Use

The home use laptops from the ThinkPad line include the L and SL series. From the IdeaPad, we have the Z series, and from the Essential line include the G series. These are all quite affordable and just versatile enough.

  • Gaming

Lenovo IdeaPads in the Y series is specifically gaming oriented laptops. These are also available in 3D screens and for optimised performances.

  • Tablets

The tablets of these laptop lines include the ThinkPad X series and the IdeaPad U series.

  • WorkStation Use

The ThinkPad W series are specifically designed for use on a workstation.

  • Business Use

There are a number of Business use laptops released by Lenovo, these include the V series from the IdeaPad Line and the B series from the Essentials line.

Other than these, Lenovo has also released a number of slim and portable laptops for light using purposes from both the IdeaPad and the ThinkPad Series.

Asus Laptops

Asus Laptops have series that are specific for the following purposes:

  • Mainstream use

These include the Transformer Book Lines that are available in two types, the convertible series and the detachable series. These are Hybrid Laptops. Also, there are the X series and F series. These are quite versatile and perfect for home use and other mainstream purposes.

  • Business

Business laptops include the Zenbook line, which consists of powerful features along with a touch screen. Other than this, the K series is also used for premium purposes like handling a business.

  • Gaming

The gaming laptops introduced by Asus have a very apt name: The Republic of Gamers Line. These are, unsurprisingly for the sole purpose of gaming.


It can still not be determined which Laptop is the best in all aspects; it is still a matter of preference, though, through these comparisons of their versatility, it can be said that the best laptop brand till now is Lenovo.


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