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The play store has expanded into a vast void of apps and also games like Gunship Battle Mod APK with every category having hundreds of them being advocated for their specialities in different ways. In this age of choice and decisiveness, it is not an easy task to immediately recognise the best of anything. This article focuses on the best Android apps to be installed on every smartphone. This selection is based on the type of applications, such as social media, photography etc.

  • Avast Mobile Security

It is essential to protect your phone from malicious software and viral uprisings. As an antivirus and security software, Avast is the best free android app. It features basic protection such as information of suspicious activity in the smartphone and alarming sensors, but there is also a tracker active in Avast which keeps an eye on the working of all applications in the smartphone. In addition to any browser’s own firewall, Avast has its own web shield which makes it difficult for harmful software to intrude into the phone through online channels. Lastly, it protects personal information through its anti-theft component which can be used to seal the phone if it is stolen. Above all, these incredible services are absolutely free of cost!

  • Camera Zoom FX

If one is searching for aesthetic appeal in pictures taken by his/her Smartphone, look no further than Camera Zoom FX! It has been present in the market for a considerable while which is why it is quite frequently updated. Features include a stabilisation indicator which will generate a warning as a red circle on the camera screen if the photographer is moving too much, filters set before the picture is taken, and adjustable grid lines. It has the distinct incognito mode, which makes the screen look like a web page with a small camera window on top, which makes nobody around suspect that you are taking a picture.


The need for melodies and new music preferences anywhere without the willingness to incur an expense on it is best fulfilled by Not only does it list out songs from all solo artists/bands for the user to listen to, it also acts as a recommender of music based on the genre of artist you listen to. In addition, it also allows the user to share music with colleagues. So for entertainment purposes such, is among the greatest free Android apps.

  • Facebook and Messenger

The infamous Facebook was said to have an app that was quite heavy on the phone’s memory and hence failed to gain popularity among Android apps. The company has now, however, covered up all issues and now the application works almost flawlessly as it becomes more user-friendly with each upcoming update. The reason why Facebook outshines its other competitors is because it is multipurpose i.e. one can keep track of the latest news in the world, chat with their friends and upload pictures of his/her latest day out, which is made available to a customised audience of one’s own choice.

  • Swiftkey Keyboard

This is a customised keyboard which makes typing faster and more convenient than ever. Instead of tapping your thumbs all over the screen to type a word, you can now slide your finger/thumb across the keyboard screen with the pattern of the word you want to type and the dictionary, having a high accuracy of detecting what word was the type, will produce it for you. As difficult as it sounds, it is hard to get by without it once an individual gets used to it.

  • Inbox by Gmail

Formal communication of many kinds has now been handed over to email boxes, and the Gmail app is the most useful among all Android apps for this purpose. Email tends to get annoying with all the formalities needed to access it, but thankfully in Gmail, the option of quickly accessing your email, reading it, and replying to it if needed is available. In addition, Gmail has the unique feature of bundles which allows the user to identify email addresses of low priority, which are then managed properly into place automatically by the application.

  • Google Drive

Desktop utilities have not been transferred to smartphones much smoother than through the use of Google Drive. With the only additional charge needed being for additional storage space in the cloud, Google Drive is an intangible portable memory card which can be accessed anywhere through the phone for information stored on it. This information and data can also very swiftly be shared with other users. Furthermore, the drive also has its own spreadsheet, text, and presentation documentation options, which almost brings one’s entire office into his/her smartphone. The backup provided by Google drive is safer than all other means of storage which involve peripheral devices, making it rank among the greatest free Android apps.

  • WhatsApp

Having its main focus on conversations, WhatsApp has drastically reduced costs involved in calling and sending/receiving messages through the use of mobile credit. It is the most famous messaging app of all times which has incredible features such as a voice recorder and, recently, a WhatsApp story option which has transformed it into a fully enabled social medium in itself.

  • Minecraft

As far as gaming is concerned, Minecraft is among the best Android apps and the most popular too. In all simplicity, it is a virtual world where you invent, destroy, and live your life as a protagonist with no end in sight. It is a great way of digitally materialising what goes on in the brain, and the only costs involved are in-game purchases

  • YouTube

There really is no alternative to the website used most for watching videos about anything ranging from music, drama, comedy or information. The smartphone app for YouTube features a quick loading server as well as customization of the main page. When linked to an account on Gmail, the application is most friendly as it keeps track on the most and last viewed videos, and lets you resume from wherever you left off!


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