Snapchat spy apps

Teens are bubbly, you can’t manage to effectively control them by simple words of advice or lengthy lectures! In fact, most even don’t want to listen to the lectures! So keep the lectures for something else especially when it comes to using social media platforms such Snapchat. Due to Snapchat’s amazing feature of deleting the snaps after a short time frame, teens consider it their haven when they want to get wild!

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to sit back and let them do whatever they do online. Even if you seem not to care much, when something unpleasant happens to them as a result of Snapchat influence, you’ll be the one to take up the burden of bringing them back to their norm. So why wait till such an occurrence appears! With Snapchat spy apps, you can easily track their activities online in real time and take appropriate measures when they tend to go astray.

How spy apps work

Spy apps work in a simple way. You simply have to install the spy app on the target’s device. You are not going to do this so easily, so devise mechanisms to do it while they are not aware or close to their device. The app will then stream anything retrieved from the target’s Snapchat account activity. This is merely hacking, which was taken care of by the developers of the tracking app. Through your control panel or dashboard, you will be able to view the Snapchat activities of your target. Even if the contents had already been deleted. The data is streamed in real time before deletion can occur.

Worried about jailbreaking?

After making your purchase of the app, you will need to install the tracking tool on your target’s device. However, most of the snapchat spy apps require jailbroken iPhones for them to be successfully installed. If you really know how to go about the jailbreaking process, and have access to the target’s device for the required time you can go ahead. But there’s an easier option, using apps that do not require jailbreaking of iPhone.

Check a mini review for spying apps and select the most appropriate for you.


This spy app has both the iOS and android versions. It is one of the apps with the richest features you’d really find very useful. It comes bundled with over different spying and tracking functionalities. It has a very simple user-interface that makes it pretty simple to use. It allows you to remotely access your target’s snapchat contents in real time, as well as track the device’s location through GPS. It is among the top ranked snapchat tracking apps available.

Installation of Xnspy does not require jailbreaking of the iOS device and can run on iOS 11.2.5 as well. It gives you more tracking capabilities for other social apps too, including WhatsApp, Kik, Viber and more.


If you want to carry out snapchat spying across a whole lot of platforms this is the best app you should go for. You get to track not only iPhones, but Symbian, Blackberry and android as well. It give you even more tracking capabilities in that you can as well track MacOS and Windows computers. It gives you flexibility of its kind when it comes to tracking. Furthermore, it hides itself perfectly well, just behind the device’s user interface topmost layer. It works in real time, retrieving chat logs, call logs, media shared and location tracking. With Spyera, your tracks cannot be traced, hence your target cannot figure out that they have been spied on. Since it’s a cross platform app, you can move it from one platform to another, making your purchase a worthy investment. It offers three months and yearly payment plans for single device and multiple device use.


If perhaps looking for a spy app that is affordable yet performs most of the tracking functionalities Netsanity is a good choice. Even though it does not have advanced features of monitoring like those of Xnspy and Spyera, it can help you achieve a couple of things, such as blocking apps and some features of the apps, like Snapchat.

Netsanity can allow you to block SMS app, screenshot taking, device camera, app store, fingerprint scanning and more. It also has web filtering functionality allowing you to filter out up to 30 web content categories including pornography/ nudity content. The app can track up to 25 devices, hence very useful in case there are many targets to be tracked. It offers a 14 day free trial before the actual purchase.

With the advent of these and many snapchat tracking apps, parents can have a more relaxed mood, knowing that they are aware of what their kids access on Snapchat or any other social platform.


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