Apple iOS 11

Throughout the year there is always something new or the other is getting announced. And naturally, the fans also have their expectations accordingly. They keep their eyes on the most of the top tech companies who bring out new gadgets or announce something new. And often it comes all of a sudden without any prior notice. But generally, the trend goes such that the developers or the manufacturers of the smartphones or any other electronic gadget hold an event in order to bring to light the new things that they are going to bring out.

Apple iOS 11

Worldwide Developers Conference

As we talk about the big companies which have always been in the headlines for the innovative things that they bring in, one of the first names which come to our mind is Apple. The leading tech company based out of Cupertino has been in the headlines of late due to the annual event which they organise at this point of a running year. And in this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), there have been quite a number of new announcements (quite expectedly).

Announcement of Apple iOS 11

One of the biggest announcements has certainly been the Apple iOS 11. The Beta edition of the iOS 11 has already been released for the developers and that have given a clear idea regarding how the new software is going to shape things up once it is put to use in the electronic gadget. And that has also revealed a lot of things.

One of the most expected ones which have been brought in the Beta version of the Apple iOS 11 is the much upgraded Siri. It is made clear that the launch of the Apple iOS 11 will bring in a much more natural Siri. The much popular AI from Apple is going to be able to translate any command provided to the AI by the user. The translated reply will come in different languages which include English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Italian. So that is really something that the users will benefit from with this new software update from Apple.

Not just the updated, there are lots of other things as well. And that is quite obvious. One of the new features which have been brought in enables the users to apply the ‘Do not Disturb’ option. And while the gadget is put in that mode, the driver won’t be getting any notification barring the ones which are deemed to be cases of emergency. And the users can set that list manually. This is certainly going to be one of the striking features of Apple iOS 11 if eventually, it manages to get past all the tests in the Beta version of the latest updated software from Apple.

And this is certainly not the end. Other things are going to be enhanced as well. The camera, for instance, is certainly going to be one of the improved features. New images which are going to be clicked following the installation of the Apple iOS 11 which will be launched officially for the commoners, later on, are tipped to be much livelier than what it currently is. Hence, there are lots of things to look out for as we slowly approach the official release of the Apple iOS 11 in the gadgets.


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