Best file sharing apps for Android

I have been part of many discussions in different tech forums about the best file sharing applications for Android. From the discourse, I analysed various file sharing applications I knew. Among all the apps which I analysed, the most famous ones were Shareit, Xender etc. Anyways, I made a list of all the ‘Good’ file sharing apps and then compared their features one by one.

Owing to my tests of each of these applications, I at last chose to share the results with everyone.

That’s how, this INFOGRAPHIC of mine named as “Best file sharing applications for Android” came out.

From among the list of more than 15 different apps, I have shortlisted five of them which I considered worth including into my infographic. At that point, I have done some testing with them and have rattled off their advantages and disadvantages.

So right away, how about we get to the infographic straight away. You should also check out Shareit for Windows

Best file sharing apps for Android


In this section, let us talk something about each of the apps. Though a major part of information has already been shared by means of the infographic, let me sum it up for those who love to read text rather than seeing images.
So basically, we talked about five different apps in the infographic, all of them I will be describing below

1. Shareit

One of the fastest, and the most popular file sharing apps in the world. I have truly not seen a better utility app than this one. No matter what the situation is, or what the other platform is, the Shareit App always comes handy.

2. Xender

Another amazing file sharing app for Android with a very cool User Interface. The speed of file transfer is decent enough and you do not have any restriction for connecting to PC.

3. Zapya

If none of Shareit or Xender fits your need, then I would recommend you Zapya. Zapya is also a very amazing app and works really very fast.

4. SuperBeam

SuperBeam comes both with free and the paid version. Let me tell you that the free versionf of the SuperBeam app is not very good. Its features are also not worth using. But the paid version is pretty decent and worth your time. Though I would anyhow not suggest you to spend money on this app.

5. XShare

This app is completely the copy of Shareit and has inherited each and every feature of it from Shareit.


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