connect iPhone with computer

When it comes to syncing between the IOS device and your computer, you have the choice of doing so by connecting your device to Mac or PC with included USB cable or you can do this wirelessly as long as your device and your computer are on the same wireless network. But, in order to connect iPhone with computer wirelessly, you need to set up your device first by connecting one end of the included USB cable into the device and the other end into the computer.

If iTunes is currently open, it may open once your iPhone is detected, that depends on the settings. If iTunes doesn’t open, open it manually by yourself. When you first connect  iPhone with computer, you may have to go through a series of screens to register your iPhone by accepting different license agreements. Do that on your own and eventually you will be back on your main iTunes window and your device should show up on the devices under the source panel.

The first thing to do when you connect iPhone with computer is that when you select your device in the source panel is that the main part of the iTunes window is organized into a series of tabs with the summary tab selected. Below the summary, you can find your device’s vitals such as name, capacity, software version and serial number. Incidentally, if you want to change the name of your device, just click on the source panel and type in your name.

This might be helpful when you connect iPhone with computer. Under the version section, you read a message telling you that your iPhone software is up to date or message that newer versions of software are available. Generally, it’s a good idea to update the iPhone to its newer version if available. Just click the update button that appears and download the software. There’s also a button to restore the iPhone.

Next is the backup section which can backup on iCloud. Under the options section, we have several options and checkboxes. Next we have to sync with this iPhone over WIFI. This is the check box you want to check if you want the ability to sync without connecting it with the USB cable.

So, we can connect iPhone with computer these two easy methods and access the data from iPhone to computer through iTunes. IPhones are not directly synced with computer as other android mobile phones and devices. The iPhone has different software than android so it can only be connected with using iTunes. Syncing with iTunes makes it feasible for the data to be transferred between iPhone and computer. iPhones software does not match any other software that’s why iTunes cannot be used for any other mobile device.


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