How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone
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Windows phone users can quite convincingly agree with the fact that their app store is far inferior to the Google Play store in terms of the variety and quality of applications found. Windows phone developers have tried to make equivalent android apps on windows phone but have not exactly succeeded in the venture.

This article brings to you ways in which you can use android apps on windows phone without compromising much on the features of the applications you decide to use.


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In order to run android apps on windows phone, you must first allow the phone to access the file as a separate application rather than an unknown file which has no way of being read. An apk file is a direct download which can be used in different operating systems like windows phone, and there are many decoding methods for making apk files for running Android apps for windows phone.

  • In your phone, download wconnect and an Android SDK tool, and extract them into a particular folder.
  • Enable device discovery and developers mode in the update section of the windows phone, and make sure that your device is upgraded to Windows 10, without which the apk file will not work under any circumstance.
  • Run the installer to obtain the wconnect tool and attach your smartphone to a computer preferably using a USB cable for faster data transfer.
  • Run the command prompt on the windows and check whether the phone is connected to type adb devices, which basically means that your device is capable of developing the needed files.
  • Open the adb folder which you will extract right after connecting your phone to the computer, and past the apk files of the android apps on windows phone, you wish to work.
  • Type “adb install *apk file name*.apk”, where the term enclosed in asterisk is the name of your apk file, at the command prompt, execute and check for adb files on the list of supported files displayed.

Now you will be allowed to run the apk installer, which will install compatible applications into your windows phone, most of which can be used.

Important Requirements and Notices

  • The first important requirement for this method of running android apps on windows phone is to jailbreak your mobile phone in case it has not been upgraded to windows ten. In addition, there are only a certain models of the windows Lumia series with which wconnect can work for running apk installers, which are basically all models ahead of Lumia 635.
  • It needs to be realized the apk files, under the law, constitute of pirate antics which means that even if you are able to install android apps on windows phone, you might be subject to scrutiny by the law simply because you are using applications designated for one purpose for another.
  • Android apps for the most have quite a degree of technical requirements which a semi-virtual interface like a windows phone itself might not be able to provide, which means that your android apps on windows phone can tend to disallow from running certain features simply because they do not have the capacity to do so.
  • In the event that the windows store has a possible alternative to the application that you wish to install and the differences between the two are not many, it is recommended that you go for the alternate ones simply because the installation of unsupported files holds a lot of risks as far as the quality of performance of the phone is concerned.


Regardless of how safe you tend to be with your phone, it is to be realized that there might be no harm in tweaking your device especially because the chances of raising the quality of time spent with your device for you to increase are quite a lot.

In addition, gaining mastery over the art to run android apps on windows phone will also act as a productive waiting time for you in case you plan on buying a different phone with a different operating system but do not want to afford the high costs as of now.


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