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“Siri, can you please *names a random wish beyond the smartphone’s ability*?” As Android users, you might have become habitual to referring to Siri either because you need her, or because you wish to set a technological advancement precedent by giving a sensational new command. siri for android has indeed been the pioneer of voice assistants for android phones, but that does not mean developers failed to challenge the plight of Siri for Android with their own incredible creativity.

This article identifies and elaborates on the best alternatives to android Siri. These applications are listed below in no order of relative preference.

  • Google Now

The direct backing of Google makes this a strong competitor for Siri for Android simply because the application is much more than a voice assistant itself. Google now can be referred to as a proud product of artificial intelligence simply because it can anticipate your needs and activate from anywhere, and most of its calculated instincts cannot be undermined.

Google Now
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Google Now is designed to receive updates from Google, which adds to its ever increasing and unique features. So instead of going for downloading Siri for android apk, it might not be a regrettable decision to let Google Now take charge of matters in your life.

  • Cortana

Microsoft Cortana was not really the best receiver of positive reviews because of its creation which was through Microsoft, a well-brand that just was not able to keep up in the smartphone market. However, Cortana can overtake Siri for android phones quite smoothly because the basic structuring of the voice assistance is very solid.

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With Cortana, you can enjoy the same benefits as there are in Siri for android including being able to send text messages and read out calling IDs. What differentiates Cortana is its potential to grow if it decides to be acquainted with a better organization which can be reused with better motives.

  • Robin

Would it not be incredible if you could operate a voice assistant on your android phone simply by saying “Hi Robin!”? Robin for Android can understand various accents and multiple languages to quite a large extent and is also known as one of the fastest bootable voice assistants in the Android range.

Robin has faced some problems with its interface not being very friendly for users, but your text messaging can be made a lot better considering how its vocal range is around as fast as any Siri for Android itself.

  • Andy

Meet Andy, your very own voice assistant as well as a blessing in disguise for you if you happen to be a student who is stacked with reading a plethora of documents but is not getting the time or the motivation to do so. Andy is easily the best choice among all Siri for android phones options that you can get, but the catch involved is the fact that you will have to pay for Andy if you want the premium version.

As an Android version of Siri, Andy has a lot more to offer than the iPhone Siri itself but the unpaid version cuts out on most of these features because the purchase of the product is the main income for developers; hence if you have the money or your need for a multi-tasking voice assistant is high then Andy is an incredible choice.

  • Assistant

On the lookout for Siri for android apk but not sure of which side you should sway towards? Assistant will be a great assistance to you because it can fulfill your tasks of setting meetings, navigating the maps for you, answer your commands etc.

The distinctive feature of the Assistant is the fact that it is one of the easiest to use Siri for android free application, and that this android version of Siri is the only virtual assistant you need for you to delightfully fulfilling your needs.


Perhaps no official Siri for Android has been developed as of now, but that is not to say that Android phones are lagging behind in the field simply because famous organizations like Google are working on making a competitor, and that can make the competition very hard to neglect.


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