IPhone 8 release date

Next year will mark the anniversary of the iPhone. It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs has worked and changed the way for using mobiles. You can expect apple with major upgrades in iPhone 8 and 8 plus. For the last few years apple had announced the new iPhones in the last of September and then released the phone later in the month. That’s exactly when we would expect the iPhone 8 plus to launch in 2017. IPhone 8 release date is expected in the year following the iPhone 7 plus which was launched in September 2016.

There may be a case that we call this iPhone 7S plus in such case the handset called the iPhone 8 plus will not be launched until 2018. Usually, we would expect Apple to introduce a 7S after the major number phone release that is iPhone 7. But this year, a lot of rumors have circulated that it may go straight towards the iPhone 8 plus. September 2017 looks likely that it may be called the iPhone 7S plus instead of iPhone 8 plus.

Without the exception of iPhone SE, every iPhone since 2012 has been launched in September. There is no reason to think that the iPhone 8 release date would be changed. Let’s specify some more details. As apple held its iPhone 7 last year event on September 7 and iPhone 6 and 6s on September 9 in their respective years.

Even going further back, you will see similar dates. So again, it’s likely that Apple will stick to this schedule for iPhone 8 release date. Of course, that’s not when you will be able to buy an iPhone 8 but you can buy after one or two weeks from the market. So, you should be able to have iPhone 8 in your hands before the end of September 2017. A launch event is expected in THE first or second week of September with the phones hitting stores one or two weeks later.

Some of the expected features of iPhone 8 are 5g network, fast charging, improved Siri, Retina eye scanner, holographic display and new touch id. Software would be updated to iOS 11. The display can go up to 4.7/5.15 inches with 2k resolution. Oleophobic coating sapphire crystal glass may be used to protect the iPhone and water resistance feature which may prevent from any damage through water. 16 MP back camera and 8 MP front camera might be there for better picture quality.

You might be wondering why iPhone 8 release date is coming while iPhone 7S has not arrived yet. According to rumors, apple is going to skip iPhone 7S entirely. This decision is likely due to two reasons. The first reason is that this is going to be the 10th generation of the iPhone and the apple hardware lineup and the second reason is Apple has already done 3 versions of iPhone 6 basically because the iPhone 6 design has  persisted even through iPhone 7 release which we have today. For Apple, it’s time for a refresh and its time for a new design with the method of releasing a brand new phone one year and releasing the pretty much same design the next year with internal hardware upgrade.

With some new features, iPhone 8 is finally expected to arrive in September. The iPhone 8 release date is not confirmed as yet it can be any date between from the four weeks of September. The anxious wait for the new iPhone 8 is nearly going to be over.


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