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We all use the computer for our personal and professional work, even though we cannot imagine our life without it. With the help of this electronic machine, we can connect with our family and friends who stay far from our place; it makes the organization work smoother and efficiently and there are many more things we do this electronic machine. The computer is made up of a number of small electronic devices and the most important part is a storage device. The hard drive is the backbone of computer or laptop; it stores data in bulk and remains it till the time you do not delete. Once you delete your data, it just vanished from its place and you won’t get it back if you don’t have an efficient data recovery software.

Few day back, one of my friend told me about a data recovery software name as Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home, which is not only capable to recover a particular file format even, gave the option to recover 300+ file formats. The undelete tool can recover data from SSD, memory card, internal and external hard disk, SD card and many more other storage devices. The Windows data recovery tool works on almost all the Windows versions to recover permanently deleted data. After hearing about such a feature rich tool, I decide to give it a look. So, first I deleted some of my videos and audio files from the computers : E drive and start testing the tool.

First, I downloaded the Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home. Software installation process took only 30 seconds to complete.

After completing the installation process, software interface window opened. I found the interface so easy, it gave the option to choose the desired data type as I deleted the video and audio files so I choose Audio and Videos under the “Multimedia Files” module and clicked on “Next” button available in the below right corner of the software interface.

After clicking on Next button, it takes me to the next Window where I get the option to choose the location from where I want to recover my lost videos and audio files. Therefore, I choose the E drive and click on “Scan” Button.

Scanning process completed in 16 minutes and shows me the preview of all my recoverable videos and audios.

I select the Videos and Audios; I wanted to recover and click on recover button. It asks me to choose the specific location to save my data. I selected the location and successfully saved my lost files.

Final Verdict – Such a great experience with Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home. If I want to explain this tool in simple words then I would say it is easy to use, less time consuming and a powerful data recovery tool, which gives the 100% result.


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