When adding a product to the cart from classification pages, Magneto AJAX Cart Pro extension eliminates the need for page reloads. Furthermore, the extension introduces a modifiable pop-up where customers can state required product options. The pop-up can be further edited to include a required promotional banner.

Time-proven solution

Since its introduction, the extension has gone through constant fine-tuning and improvements. The result is pretty stable, adaptable and a versatile solution on Magento market.

Clean code

There has been perfection in its work. Every single thing you see advertised will be delivered for sure. That is why you must click the option of Magneto 2 ajax add to cart.

Custom Themes friendly

The extensions are designed according to the needs of user.

Minimal interference / maximal interaction with the native code

The extension is designed to rely on its capabilities as much as possible, ensuring that the module remains consistent with other constituents of Magento store.

  • Supports all the native product types;
  • Works with standard Cart Update controller;
  • Works on Product, Category and Wishlist pages;
  • Works on custom pages where the standard Cart controller is called;
  • All native cart instances can be updated (sidebar cart, top cart);
  • External plugins do not conflict.

Make shopping attractive

A comprehensive site design plays a major role in building brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. So, it enhances the shopping experience any store owner is struggling to gain. This extension behaves like an effective tool in such an endeavor.

Give your store a reputable image

Boring or annoying screens and confirmation dialogues are of no use. On the other hand, the module’s modifiable confirmation pop-ups can be leveraged a lot. Not only does it excite the customers with the properly designed screens, but also includes engaging elements to assist your clients.

Backend pop-ups editor

You can forget complex codes adjustments with this tool. An easy to use backend editor will do the job. Instant Preview function makes sure that the customers will only view the result when it is ready.

Control even the tiniest detail

Not only the pop-up content can easily be adjusted from the backend but out of four, you can choose any one animation type, custom activity indicator can be uploaded, and the pop-up alignment can be defined –this all is needed to get an ideal store appearance.

Separate confirmation for removing and adding products

The module’s behavior can be adjusted according to whatever your current marketing strategy is. There are separate configuration options that can be used to effectively guide your clients without even offending them.

Products can be individualized

The extension’s rule system provides unparalleled flexibility. Special dialog boxes can be shown for sets or a set of selected products and particular customer groups.

What do you really get?

The extension clears the customer’s way to check out making shopping a way easier task then before:

  • There are no page reloads, so no time is wasted.
  • Higher conversion rates;
  • Catalog is easier to explore;
  • Longer sessions.


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