A Virtual Private Network’s ability to protect a user’s channel of data transmission depends on how active and effective the VPN itself is. For different media of using the worldwide web, there are different VPN available. The best ones with respect to their fame and performance are listed below, along with their features but Hotspot Shield Elite apk full version is also the good VPN in the market.


The most excellent VPN in terms of service quality is IPVanish. It offers incredible download speeds and supports a maximum of 5 devices at once. Best usage includes torrenting hence why it is the undisputed champion of VPN for PC and VPN for iPhone. Where the benefits also include no traffic logs and complete privacy, the drawbacks are at the expense. The cheapest deal will cost at least USD 60 per annum. In addition, no free trials are allowed because the service is all about quality and brand loyalty.


This is the best VPN for private usage which involves unblocking of websites. There is great support from the producing end and the unlocking extends to a multitude of applications, which is why it is a very suitable VPN for androids and VPN for windows. Further benefits include the availability of free tutorials by professionals all over the web which is easily accessible, so the overall performance is rated highly. On the downside, however, is the cost. The service does not provide free trials and is generally more expensive than most of its counterparts. In addition, only three devices can be connected simultaneously. If the benefits and drawbacks are weighed, ExpressVPN is a quality choice.


If performance and security are being considered then services do not get much better than VyprVPN. What differentiates it is the value added due to the relatively lower cost of the service, however, the company does not provide refunds at all. Advantages of the service mainly include, but are not limited to, a maximum of 250% increase in download speeds, a kill switch to avoid privacy breaches, and the provision of a 3 day trial with a download limit of 500 MB which draws the user to consider it seriously. The maximum device usage of 5 also makes it a good choice, but the cost effectiveness can, at times, compromise service quality.

Hotspot Shield

If your materialistic approach is more tilted towards savings and cost efficiency, and you want to protect your network and browsing, then Hotspot Shield is a magnificent service. A lifetime subscription to Hotspot Shield can be obtained for under USD 150! It provides support for private browsing, virtual locations, and up to 5 devices can be connected to one network at once. There is a decent marginal increase in the download and uploads speeds as well, however, the low cost often results in the network being down and not performing very well. The price efficiency, however, makes this minute compromise worth it.


Said to work best as a VPN for iPhones, SaferVPN is a good service which is a bit expensive considering the increase in speeds and accessibility is not very high. Having said that, its features of detecting date over unsafe Wifi networks and adaptability to the needs of quality clients like IOS makes the service great. There is also a 24-hour free trial that the users can utilise before making the final decision. There is a lot of session time date recording which serves no purpose but that is the only downside related to quality found in SaferVPN.

F-Secure Freedome VPN

The build in virus detector and delete option in F-Secure Freedome VPN makes it a quality choice as a VPN for androids because the Android software is said to be prone to viruses more than its counterparts. Increased bandwidth and anonymity are two of the common features, but there is a free trial of two weeks to help the user make an informed decision. The interface is very user-friendly so people who are new to using VPN can understand it better.


The most easily accessible and great in terms of service VPN for Windows is TunnelBear because it is free of cost! The only restriction that comes with the cost being zero is the download traffic limit of 500 MB, so when that is exhausted it is important to pay up, but otherwise, it is great for extra protection. It has a very simple outlook and very understandable terms of usage, so the default settings usually do not need to be altered.


This is more of a commercial service where quality is not really compromised and neither is usage time lessened. This service has a limit of roughly 10 GBs per month which is more than enough for browsing and regular downloading for the entire month. In addition, its commercial nature exists due to the extra limit you can be granted by posting about the service on Twitter (5 GB) and 1 GB whenever you invite a friend to use it. It has a built-in firewall and ad-blocker as well, and if one can’t get enough of all these benefits, there are always premium subscriptions available, making this a great VPN for PC.

All Virtual Private Networks have some common limits and restrictions which cannot be subsided under any circumstances. Some countries may have some legal barriers on the usage o private networks while some networks may seem to be slow in performance simply because the area of usage is not near enough to any service centre. Furthermore, premium subscriptions should also be checked for any limitations before a customer makes any complaints. The terms of compliance of VPN are very important. Furthermore, the rising use of VPN has made it a hotspot for web criminals and hackers to continue their malicious activity, and these days, it is being conducted in the form of free VPN that seem too good to actually be true, so if you come across any such VPN, it is best to avoid it and opt for a more genuine looking service.


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