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On January 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of California invented a search engine that later on took over the world. The two geniuses deserve applause for bringing the world to our fingertips. The search engine spread like fire in the forest and currently consumers can gain even minuscule or unimportant information of the globe at Google. Google Inc. Formerly utilized as a search engine is now modifying to the matchless multinational technology company, Google Inc. expertise in numerous online services such as online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.  

Technology is crafting swift modification in the daily life, with the excogitation of gadgets step ahead to the previous model routine tasks can be performed by a voice command or a click solely. Google Inc. (as described earlier) is mounting rapidly; freshly Google Home is the hottest release by the company. On the rampage in the USA in November 2016, it is a brand of intelligent speakers following voice commands. The company acquaints the service naming Google Assistant which enables consumer to interact with the system via the intelligent personal assistant. The Google home devices have amalgamated assistance for home features where people can perform basic home operations through voice commands.

Lately Google home is familiarizing multiple operator functions where six people can simultaneously habit the device. The Google home device is cylinder in shape featuring 10 LED bulbs for visual presentation of status. Furthermore, the modular cover is over the base comprising of numerous colors by the company to mix with the decor of the room. The recent addition is the Bluetooth connection feature with the home devices. A few devices compatible with the Google home device are:

  • Philips Hue bulbs: it encompasses tricolor bulbs which punter can link through Wi-Fi to Google home device consequently turn on and off the lights via voice command.
  • A Nest thermostat: the gadget is ideal for people yearning to set the thermostat of the room over voice command. Simply connect to Google home and select the temperature you wish setting through voice command.
  • A Google Chromecast: the Chromecast device is for all the people wish to convert their TV into smart TV, a voice command is enough after pairing with Google home to cast a program
  • The August Smartlock: the advance level lock system allows consumer to check house’s lock status. On pairing with the Google home the device automatically locks the house once you leave while it reopens on getting back home.
  • Roomba Robot Vacuums – A few of the new range of Roomba robots can be integrated with Google home in order to control them remotely and make them a part of your smart home integration. Roomba recently announced integration with three of their robot range of vacuums. These are the iRobot Roomba 690, Roomba 960 and the flagship Roomba 980. They are designed to work with Google Assistant’s voice control so you can control them just by speaking the commands.
  • Anova Precision Cooker: the anova cooker is matchless help for women with no assistance in the kitchen, often facing the situation of busy with other stuff and the food on the stone demand’s attention the smart cooler though Google home accomplishes the job on a voice instruction. It can lower or raise the temperature as per recipe demand along with the time control of cooking.

The pros better nomenclature as highlights of the Google Home devices for the consumers those are tough to ignore thus compelling it up to the most desirable invention of recent times.

The device enjoying the monopoly on the ability to answer any question

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It is an undoubted fact that Google inhabits the comprehensive ocean of knowledge whatever answer we require Google has it all. Therefore, consuming the strength the Google home device possess tons of knowledge on each aspect of home life, methods to connect devices and means to perform a function. Hence, in comparison to rest of the voice command gadgets the Google home device perform any fiction smoothly and accurately. Furthermore, the device can answer the question such as dates of next match etc.

Multiple users

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The Google home device has an upper hand on rest of the gadgets in markets because of the multiple consumer features flung current year. Contrary to the rivalries the device can knob up to six operators at a time hence, do not necessitate setting up a distinct gadget for each room or function the Google home device can manage it all.

Convenient calling

The Google home device has modified the hardware the current year; therefore, they added an extra feature i.e. Hands-free calling. However, the capability of calling is shortly available in US and Canada but the company plan to expand it. Nonetheless, all you have to do it voice directions to the device related to the person wish to call and the system will manage the rest. No requirement for mobile or hands free.

Home connects to Google

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The market structures countless other system but Google home is a level next, the company ensure that all of their products connect together well hence, consumer is flawless in performing basic routine tasks like calendar, playing music, checking appointments, contacts, temperature, and cooking etc. yes cooking as well since the vast search engine of Google is there in the device even aid in preparing food the time duration for cooking a temperature as per the stage of food demand.

Ready to connect with devices

The Google device has the ability to sync up with a bulk of gadgets through simple voice instructions thus, expediting in performing the daily routine task fittingly. Since is understandable that you are frequently busy or cannot get up to switch on lights or any similar task here Google home step in to help. Even after the unveiling, multiple companies step in to collaborate with the Google home device included TicketMaster, WhatsApp, Pandora, GrubHub, Instacart, OpenTable, Uber, and Spotify.

On the ultimate note, Google Home device is definitely a smart gadget fetching technology to a next level. It is categorically recommendable for people wish to make their home a smart home.


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